Generally speaking, I am still not a fan of the google docs approach to peer review. It is weird to see physical changes made to my paper by others. Also, I have struggled to figure out what exactly someone is pointing out at first. Overall, I’d rather read a separate sheet of paper with comments or personal interaction for peer reviews.

Most of the comments I received seem to be about minor grammar issues. I know I can be wordy, and my peers seem to notice that, too. 🙂  But, most of the comments were nice to see.

As for the comments I leave, I try to give some general advice and a few specific ideas. I do NOT expect my peers to use my ideas at all. I recognize the comments I leave are my opinions and words and that it’s normal for someone else to think they don’t sound like them. Clearly we all have unique papers and writing style already, at least to a degree, and any advice we give is from our perspective.

Oh and I thought we would get the results from the surveys BEFORE completing this blog post. So, it feels a little out of place to comment about the entire process when there is an aspect that feels unfinished yet.