At first, I was confounded by the assignment to make a collaborative video for a writing class. I didn’t see a connection between the two. I thought, perhaps, the video assignment was going to connect to the “technology” aspect of the course. But, now, I can definitely see a connection that I didn’t see before.

Originally, I wasn’t quite sure I was on board with what Anderson was saying in his article “The Low Bridge to High Benefits: Entry-Level Multimedia, Literacies, and Motivation”. Then, I came to the section on using playlists and suddenly it all made sense. What a great idea! I could clearly see the connection between writing and music, and then I was able to see the connection between making videos and writing. Originally, however, I was not really seeing the connection between making a video and writing as we’ve studied it in this class.

Now I admit, I think our movie group has a solid idea for our video. I feel like the script is going to more or less write itself and that was making it difficult for me to see the connection to writing as we’ve been studying it. If we’re going to discuss movie making as writing, shouldn’t writing be an essential component? But, after reading this article, I understand that it isn’t writing itself. The script and visual elements are going to require a lot of high level thinking and work. I could see how motivation was a factor, as well. I am motivated to try my hand at this video making thing and it’s sort of blinding me from the high level thinking and work load is requires.

I can see myself using ideas like this in my classroom in the future. I’m particularly drawn to the playlists storytelling idea, but making videos could be a lot of fun and educational, too. I love that using technology can increase motivation for students, too. I’m pretty excited to see how our video turns out and I look forward to seeing how I can use ideas like this in the future.